Anshika & Ritika have vision, architectural integrity, they listen to the client’s needs, desires, budget range and have excellent communication skills. They are a pleasure to work with…We admire them both as professionals and friends.

Our project was a collaboration of their vision and our own desires of how we wanted our office to transform. Because this was a remodel there were some limitations, particularly with the planning of the office but that eventually became a strength because seeing the office now from inside doesn’t give a feel that we are in the same space.  Each and every space can accommodate more workstations and still creates a very vibrant and peaceful working environment by the amalgamation of nature inside.

We now believe that best work can be produced only when your workspace is carefully designed and planned. Clean, yet, warm. Great use of space and projection of scale I could go on, but in conclusion, AR STUDIO utilized their talent and listened to what we wanted.

A beautiful combination.

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